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Mondo Visione - Exchange Forum 16

Mondo Visione Exchange Forum 2016 - 10 November, London

15th & 10th November, London, Book Now

Financial markets have stabilised after the turmoil in the days after the UK’s EU referendum on 23 June, but the vote for the UK to leave the European Union was a truly seismic event, the reverberations of which will likely be felt throughout business and economic life and for decades to come.

This year’s Exchange Forum will be chaired by Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli. We shall be looking at whether the medieval Hanseatic League offers any lessons from the past to this post-Brexit world; trading across borders; looking beyond the hype at blockchain; the evolution of FX trading platforms; the disruptive change in financial markets driven by FinTech; post-trade and of course, the business of Exchange Groups.

…Post-Trade, Blockchain, Trading, Technology, Regulation, Market Structure, FX, OTC, Derivatives, Linkages, Hanseatic League, Electronification, Brexit, Fixed Income, Trump, Equities, Surveillance, ETFs, Clinton, Complexity, Market Surveillance, Benchmarks, …….

…Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Arnaud Giblat, Richard, Balarkas, Hirander Misra, Andrew Simpson, Ruben Lee, Bepi Pezzulli, Vinay Gupta, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, Simon Davies ….

15th & 10th November, London, Book Now

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