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Mondo Visione - Exchange Forum 13

Mondo Visione Exchange Forum 2013

Five years after the largest financial crisis in the history of the capital markets, there are some 80 active international financial centre initiatives – more than ever before. Exchanges are at the heart of these. Emerging Markets feature most. Priorities vary by geography and asset class, trading through post-trading, data and reporting.

Global reforms in 2013 require mandatory obligations with more impending for 2014 and 2015. Prudential rules and increasing capital adequacy requirements are driving Over-The-Counter markets towards exchange-like models or innovations in risk management of ‘unclearable’ OTC derivatives.  New identifiers and Trade Repositories for transparency and Collateral Optimisation to meet new margin requirements add to the exponential growth of information and demand for smart handling of records. Examples of competitive new entry and consolidation abound. All these are action points for market users and Investors in Exchange Groups themselves.

In this year’s Exchange Forum, we shall debate the direction of change, update the landscape, highlight the tools for vast data sets, consider new metrics for management, and meet the challenges and opportunities of these developing trends. Come and join Mondo Visione Exchange Forum 2013, the business on and of Exchanges around the world.


  1. Futurisation of Swaps and OTC Derivatives
  2. Emerging Markets: Growth and Ambitions
  3. Exchange Groups as Investments
  4. Patents, Protection and Power
  5. Trading: Technology, Liquidity, Best Execution
  6. Clearing, Collateral Optimisation, and Opportunities for the ‘Unclearable’
  7. Trade Repositories and transparency
  8. Risk, Regulation and Surveillance of Fragmented Markets – New Era, New Tools

The venue is Drapers' Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, London EC2N 2DQ.

15th & 16th June, Central Hall, Westminster, London, Book Now

Member Of European Parliament, Dr. Kay Swinburne, Keynote Address

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